What in the World?

With global warming, I could let some people slide back in the day; because it really seemed so distant. One could excuse the older generation when I was young. After all, they hadn’t grown up observing Earth Day. By now, though, with accelerated climate change evidenced by more and bigger hurricanes, a heat wave inContinue reading “What in the World?”

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Friday was a milestone. We did it. My husband and I went out for dinner at a restaurant! This was the grand finale to my husband’s 50th birthday. I was a reluctant diner, but the restaurant assured they were operating at 50% capacity. We were directed to call from the parking lot upon our arrivalContinue reading “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”


I hit the stay-home trifecta today – showered, makeup, and real (street worthy) clothing! I planned to bake zucchini bread, put together a lasagna, vacuum, and wipe down handles and faucets for the umpteenth time. My husband is working from home today, and the dining room table is his desk with two monitors, paperwork etc.Continue reading “Trifecta”

Paradise Lost

In the 28 years we’ve been married, my husband and I have not taken a beach vacation, just the two of us. A wonderful opportunity presented itself to celebrate my niece’s wedding in Florida in May. It also happens that my husband is turning 50! We planned a ten-day stay, including wedding festivities and aContinue reading “Paradise Lost”

The Heyday of Happy Hour

Back in the day, late 80’s and early 90’s, Happy Hour was quite an event in restaurant bars. In addition to drink specials, there would be food, a lot of food. A spread of appetizers would be displayed on one or two large tables. You could actually make a dinner of it. This was trueContinue reading “The Heyday of Happy Hour”

Oh, Happy Day!

Showed up for my first day back to work at the store after quarantine, but this was a surprise to the department supervisor on duty. Apparently the manager with whom I’ve communicated over the past ten days neglected to mention to his assistant that I was released from quarantine. My shift had already been coveredContinue reading “Oh, Happy Day!”


Haven’t received COVID test results yet, but the bronchitis is improving. My husband and son aren’t showing any signs of illness. I stay in my room, away from them. Tears come easily today, not for any particular reason.The weather reflects my mood, rain with thunder and lightning. I’m trying to keep things in perspective. AContinue reading “Quarantine”

Strange New World

Working retail gives me a front row seat to the impact the coronavirus is having on our community. For the most part, people in my area seem to have calmed down. No more lines down the aisles. Most items back in stock with the exception of toilet paper, hand soap, thermometers, etc. Customers with whomContinue reading “Strange New World”

It’s Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride

Working in the home and garden department of a large grocery store, I interact with probably 75-100 customers and coworkers each day. I cashier, handling more money than you might think people still use. I’ve accepted I will, most likely, be exposed to the coronavirus. Echinacea, black elderberry syrup, and astralagus are herbal supplements IContinue reading “It’s Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride”