Oh, Happy Day!

Showed up for my first day back to work at the store after quarantine, but this was a surprise to the department supervisor on duty. Apparently the manager with whom I’ve communicated over the past ten days neglected to mention to his assistant that I was released from quarantine. My shift had already been covered and they didn’t need me. I’m not essential today!

That works for me because when I got out of bed this morning, I immediately lost my balance, falling into the trim molding of my closet and landing on my ass amongst my shoes.

Photo by Dids on Pexels.com

Published by Sara Z

Writing is one of my passions. Most blog entries are relatively short articles regarding a wide variety of topics. I'm a middle-aged wife and mother of two adult sons. I've been a teacher, counselor, medical transcriptionist, student teacher supervisor, substitute teacher and retail clerk. Staying home now due to fibromyalgia. Seeking purpose.

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