Here, Birdie Birdie

Picture by Sara Zuelke

A new hobby is bringing me joy! Earlier this spring, I ordered a small birdbath and a birdfeeder for my backyard. Birdsong seems louder and brighter this year, which says more about me than the population of birds in this area.

Picture by Sara Zuelke

I’ve long enjoyed watching all manner of hawks circling above my neighborhood, riding thermals up, up, up, while scanning below for a snack or meal. There are owls in the trees nearby, and I love to hear their hoots. I’m pretty sure, though, that it was a large owl swooping down in the night that planted talons on the neck of my white bichon frise as she lie on her belly in the cool grass during a summer hot spell. That little dog let out a sound I’d never heard and haven’t since. I don’t know if she was dropped because she was heavier than estimated or because of her squeal. Maybe the owl thought she was one of its own, given my dog’s screech.

Photo by Pixabay on

When I was able to walk around the field and trees surrounding, I spotted a bird I couldn’t remember seeing before. I watched them fly tree to tree, several of them moving around in medium-sized evergreens. They were black and white, so beautiful. Imagine my surprise when I dug a little online and found they were magpies, common magpies. Well, in my book, the magpies in this area are stunning. I’m also quite fond of the red-breasted robins that frequent trees in my backyard.

Photo by TheOther Kev on

It wasn’t until I became aware of the rich and varied birdsong coming through my windows that I really paid attention to the smaller birds flitting by and resting on branches all around. I’d purchased a beautiful hummingbird feeder and had it out in plenty of time for scouts, but none have visited. I love the feeder itself, so it’s outdoor decor. Perhaps we’ll get hummingbirds when the weather truly warms. Disappointed by that effort, I decided to check out regular birdseed dispensers. That led to perusing birdbaths.

Picture by Sara Zuelke

Yesterday, I was outside for three or four hours, thoroughly enjoying the comings and goings in bird central! That’s more time than I spent on the deck all of last year. Good vibes.

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