One Step Forward

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I’m proud to announce that I’m able to walk! It’s been a long road since breaking my ankle in January, a long road I had to scooter. Don’t get me wrong; the scooter saved me from crutches. I’m less agile than some, e.g. broken ankle, and had difficulty using the scooter without injuring my good leg. Glad to say goodbye to that. Additionally, I shed the boot and the walker. The cane is still employed for stability, mostly in the afternoon and evening, and a knee brace provides support anytime I walk.

Three days ago, my mom, two sisters, and I celebrated Mother’s Day early. We went for haircuts first and, after, enjoyed lunch together. That was a really big day for me and I felt it the next day, needing the entire day to recover. Yesterday, my husband and sons took me to dinner for our Mom’s Day celebration. I napped for a couple hours before we went, but I was able to go. Now, with two of the past three days involving outings (more than the past three years), my ankle is hurting all around and my energy is seriously depleted.

Nervously looking ahead two weeks, to a work event my husband earned by reaching a sales goal, this last weekend has shown me a few things. I’ll need to do nothing else the week before the event so I’m not stretched thin(ner). Minimizing ambulation will be key over that weekend. There is a ray of hope because I was able to enjoy dining out. The day after will, most likely, require two steps back.

The resort where we’ll stay for the event.

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