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Okay, okay, okay. I call do-over. I can do that. That’s one of the rules you agreed to when you followed my blog….just kidding. I am in a mood today. I wrote the post below last Friday, October 1st. I’ve thought a lot about this topic in the past five days. If you are interested, you can read it to see what I was thinking, or skip to the new thoughts in the last paragraph.

Just yesterday, I first heard of Bright Line Eating. Upon arriving at lunch with my mom and two older sisters, I was particularly pleased to see the oldest; we hadn’t seen each other since COVID started. She was thinner than I’d seen her in a long time. It’s been a battle for her most of her adult life. She’s tried many, many diets and programs, and some were successful for weight loss but not as much for maintenance.

Now, she’s rocking form-fitting jeans while I’ve invested in leggings and roomy dresses/tops, owing to currently weighing more than I ever have. I know a thing or two about making long-term changes to what I eat and drink. Alcohol quit me two years ago this month, and it had been something I’d very much enjoyed. Next, I quit chocolate; my June 26 post, “All Things in Moderation,” discusses the need. Three months on, I haven’t had chocolate or sugary treats. For the record, the uplift in mood and energy experienced in the aftermath of removing a lifelong staple of my diet was fleeting. The most recent major adjustment I made was dropping dairy in order to increase kidney function; it worked!

Imagine my disappointment when I learned my sister’s success story, using Bright Line Eating, involves cutting out all flour and all sugar. For crying out loud, all my food-related vices are falling by the wayside, one after another. I’m approaching these new deletions gradually. The other two bright lines, besides omitting sugar and flour, are eating three meals a day with no snacking and weighing food rather than eyeballing serving sizes. I’m including below the kind of resources I know I’m going to need.

My sis says she feels so much better. Inflammation is down so she doesn’t have joint pain anymore. She says after about ten days she woke feeling alert, really awake. Sleep has also improved greatly. She allows herself to have something off-plan occasionally. After eating flour or sugar, though, she feels it and is motivated to return to the program because she knows she’ll feel better. One tip she gives is to eat cucumbers and tomatoes because they weigh the most and 22 ounces of vegetables is a lot!

After lunch, I picked up the online grocery order I’d already placed. Many items don’t fit Bright Line Eating, so I’m going to get a food scale and prepare myself with the next shopping list. I’ll keep you posted – blog posted. 😉

p.s. My sister has loved baking all kinds of things, from pies to lefse, since she was 17 or 18 years old. Don’t suppose we’ll enjoy any more of those treats in the future.

October 6, 2021 – I definitely want to lose weight but I won’t be a strict Bright Line eating. With my fibromyalgia, I don’t think that’s for me. The first hint I got was the fact that I am not going to be able to give up coffee creamer. No can do. Also, I’m able to eliminate foods when I decide to, like quitting chocolate and sugary treats three months ago. (See “All Things in Moderation.”) The Bright Line quiz shows I probably don’t need to follow the plan strictly. I will seriously cut down on flour and keep sugar intake low. I also plan to make a real effort to increase fresh fruits and vegetables. I’m good at buying them; gotta eat them! I ordered a food scale and it will be here any day, and I will use it. My birthday is one week from today. I don’t really care but, I confess, I use it as an excuse to eat whatever I want, dinner on Saturday with my best friend and her husband as well as take-out on the 13th. What can I say? I have ordered a magic pill that will make my fat melt away as it regulates my blood sugar by improving function of pancreas. Not going to share the name until I give it a try. I know, I know. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But if it works….. I’ll post an update. My birthday gift is a new tattoo. (See “Before – Early October.”) I’ll be writing about my tattoo process and showing the end result after October 24th. Onward!

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