The Very Definition of Passive-Aggression

Preface:You may want to read the last post, “Until We Meet Again,” before this one. It was a beautiful Saturday in Montana, and we enjoyed a great brunch at the cabin. Drew was very irritated because I’d said breakfast would be at 10. Truth be told, Carol and Catherine were concerned he just might controlContinue reading “The Very Definition of Passive-Aggression”

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

About ten years ago, my uncle was trying to clear out the fruits of his late wife’s bargain hunting skills. She was like the Energizer bunny, always on the move and, as she buzzed around, she was asking questions and conversing all the while. I’m sure she saved a lot of money buying decor, smallContinue reading “The Gift that Keeps on Giving”

Am I the Only One Who…

is it just me, or do others apologize to their pets if they bump into them or are late to get their dinner served? Am I the only one of my generation, end of the boomers, who always just assumed, as we were growing up, the government was regularly listening to phone calls? Are otherContinue reading “Am I the Only One Who…”

Is God Playing Chess?

When someone says, “Everything happens for a reason,” I bristle. It’s involuntary and visceral. I used to say it myself. We employ this phrase as though it is a comfort. We trot it out because we don’t know what else to say, which makes us uncomfortable. It fills the painful, quiet space that one experiencesContinue reading “Is God Playing Chess?”

That Time My Live-in Boyfriend Fell in Love with Someone Else

Previously my annoying roommate and now my live-in boyfriend, let’s call him Tom, we were from the same hometown, had graduated from the same university; but hadn’t met until we found ourselves teaching in the Southern California desert, although at different districts. He was teaching in town, where we lived, and I taught about 20Continue reading “That Time My Live-in Boyfriend Fell in Love with Someone Else”