Is God Playing Chess?

When someone says, “Everything happens for a reason,” I bristle. It’s involuntary and visceral. I used to say it myself. We employ this phrase as though it is a comfort. We trot it out because we don’t know what else to say, which makes us uncomfortable. It fills the painful, quiet space that one experiencesContinue reading “Is God Playing Chess?”

Oh, Dad

Dreamer, boxer, soldier, delivery truck driver, husband, daddy, salesman, supervisor, small business owner, entrepreneur, talker, joker, teaser, Pop, hunter, boater, fisherman, achiever, provider, supporter, cheerleader. There are so many stories I could tell about him, but I’ll just share one today, the first anniversary of his death. Much to the chagrin of my sisters andContinue reading “Oh, Dad”

Tigers, ‘Niners, and Crosses, oh my!

My sister-in-law’s 52nd birthday is today, but she’s not here to celebrate. At age 50, she passed away from ALS, a cruel disease. She loved NASCAR and Bon Jovi. She was a major 49’ers fan and I so wish she’d seen this last season. Her home was decorated with crosses and pictures of her daughter,Continue reading “Tigers, ‘Niners, and Crosses, oh my!”