Hope This Finds You Well

In recent weeks, both of my young adult sons have, separately, encouraged me to begin walking regularly, sure that’s all I need to feel better. I agree with them that walking routinely would be helpful and it is a goal, but it’s not the cure. If I’m having a good day, I can handle stairsContinue reading “Hope This Finds You Well”

Life in the Days of COVID

The beautiful colors of autumn are beginning to show themselves, oblivious to the pathogen affecting everyone on the planet, whether the inhabitants accept or ignore reality. The confluence of a deadly pandemic, ineffective handling of said contagion, and the state of social unrest here in the USA has resulted in a season of uncertainty andContinue reading “Life in the Days of COVID”

Why Doesn’t Trump WantUsToWearMasks?

What are your expectations of the federal government in a pandemic? Back when we heard the first mentions of a virus coming, who did you imagine would lead us through this historic crisis? Just as I wasn’t able to envision the daily doings of a President Trump or his administration following his election in 2016,Continue reading “Why Doesn’t Trump WantUsToWearMasks?”

The Best-Laid Plans…

Last week, I decided not to make daily plans because I was disappointing myself day after day. The intertwined difficulties of depression and fibromyalgia have brought me to a place I haven’t been to previously, my functioning impaired significantly for several months. It’s now eight months since I collapsed under the weight of suicidal depression.Continue reading “The Best-Laid Plans…”

Mixed Up World of Fibromyalgia

I have a few post fragments in my head but pain has been significant recently and I’m not concentrating well. I mentioned a few posts ago that I have had the diagnosis of fibromyalgia for 11 years but feel like I’m just now truly accepting the big picture of fibro and adjusting my behaviors thatContinue reading “Mixed Up World of Fibromyalgia”

Learning Curve

I have a post in my head but I’m too tired. Great website regarding fibromyalgia- Counting My Spoons. I’ve avoided reading stuff about fibromyalgia for years. Good insights and perspective. Going to address what I can through behavioral changes. Things I want to work on include: Pacing No excuses or apologies Listen to my bodyContinue reading “Learning Curve”

Can I Get Some Help Here?

The trickle down effect of strange, which started with our realization that we are in the midst of a pandemic, seems to have reached all levels of life. Nationwide, the social, emotional, and economic strain on the fabric of our country can be felt in a myriad of ways. Much like the frustration encountered whenContinue reading “Can I Get Some Help Here?”

The Fibro Ride

As tempted as I am to analogize living with fibromyalgia to the ups and downs of a rollercoaster ride, more ups would be required. It’s more like a ferris wheel. Eleven years after the onset and eight since the first of three diagnoses, I think I may be accepting that I am living with chronicContinue reading “The Fibro Ride”


I hit the stay-home trifecta today – showered, makeup, and real (street worthy) clothing! I planned to bake zucchini bread, put together a lasagna, vacuum, and wipe down handles and faucets for the umpteenth time. My husband is working from home today, and the dining room table is his desk with two monitors, paperwork etc.Continue reading “Trifecta”