Tonight Will Be Better

Insomnia. Not just sleep interrupted by trips to the kitchen or bathroom, now I’m talking about hours tossing and turning, in addition to waking up for the day at 4 or 5 am for no particular reason. As many as three naps a day does not even things out, maybe even more discombobulated upon waking.Continue reading “Tonight Will Be Better”

The Nature of My Insecurity

When I read this, my anxiety rises. My head knows it is beautiful and I breathe, knowing it should feel good to revisit. Instead, I see a list of characteristics and rate my performance on each in the back of my mind, not comparing myself to others but judging against an ideal. The first hitContinue reading “The Nature of My Insecurity”

Travels During the Virus

Without leaving my house, over the past few months, I’ve visited several countries. It’s so interesting to see the landscape, culture, and social norms in other places. I’m interested in the various housing designs and seeing towns and cities I’ve heard about but don’t plan to see in person. There are many series and moviesContinue reading “Travels During the Virus”

Sometimes I just have to shake my head at myself

In a recent post, I lamented that pictures seem to disappear from my posts. I spent hours making sure I only had free pics in my published posts. (I might have found and used unauthorized pics I found online.) I gave it a couple days, and photos were still being replaced by a message aboutContinue reading “Sometimes I just have to shake my head at myself”

Irritated and Foggy

So fricking pissed. When writing a post, I like to add a picture that ties in. I’ve been using Pixel Free pics but after a couple/few days, the picture is down and replaced with a message regarding a lack of attributes. Now, I’m not tech adept in the best of circumstances, but right now, I’mContinue reading “Irritated and Foggy”