This Joint is Jumpin’

Just one bird now but there were six or seven.

Bird centralwas hopping this morning! I took a great video of the birds coming and going from the birdfeeder, but wasn’t able to load it on this page. (I know, I’m showing my inexperience with media.) I sat and watched as many finches, sparrows, warblers, and nuthatches flew in and out with some waiting their turn and others fighting for a seat at the buffet. Our hummingbird feeders that have been ignored all season also attracted several of those this morning.

So sweet

Not sure if it’s a sign of how old I am, how limited I am in my activities, or just appreciation of a new hobby, but I found myself feeling joy. I called my husband to see all the traffic. The four-sided birdfeeder had as many as six or seven birds eating at the same time with another couple waiting in the bar. I silently clapped my hands and hugged my husband. Unfortunately, when I go out on the deck, the feeder is abandoned immediately, thus pictures through deck rail. I thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to the busy birds.

Cooling off in the bar

Lots of birds perch beside the feeder watching out for threats and/or judging the best moment to go for the feast.

Standing guard or just waiting for a seat.

Squirrels get in on the action to and the birds don’t know quite what to make of them.

Squirrels like seeds too.

Sharing some of my thoughts about my neighborhood: This beautiful driveway was installed with heating pipes underneath to melt the snow away in the winter. One day I drove past and the guy who lives there was shoveling. Later, I mentioned to my husband that the neighbor was shoveling instead of using the heated water pipes. I wondered, “Why would he do that?” My husband laughed and said, “I’m sure if the pipes worked, he wouldn’t be shoveling.” Aaaah.

Neighbor’s driveway

The tree below has been leaning ever further across the street but no one seems concerned. The people who own that lot park cars and boats on the street below the tall pine. My husband swears it’s been like this since we moved in but I am certain its tilt increased during storms in which other trees have fallen. Wait until the next soaker with high winds, particularly if the wind comes from the north rather than the west as usual, and I can’t imagine this tree will be left standing. Crazy.


p.s. I figured out why the birdfeeder has been so popular. When the birdseed was low, I bought a new bag and this one is “clean.” There are no shells the birds have to work on. It’s just wonderful seeds. It’l like ordering crab and having the plate come with no shells to work through, just the sweet meat. It’s so much busier than before. I will be trying to get a good picture of birds perched on every side but they move in and out so fast it’s hard to get a good catch. If I do, I’ll put it out, maybe its own post.

Four birds sharing breakfast.

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