The Long Weigh Down

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In early October, at lunch with my mom and sisters, we discussed Bright Line Eating. I’d never heard of it but one of my sisters has had great success with it. (See post ‘Bright Lines’ from October 6, 2021.) This is an update on my weight loss efforts.

When I lamented about the rollercoaster effect of regularly standing on the scale, both my sisters recommended weighing myself just once a month. In the early days, I looked forward to eventually reaping the reward of my hard work, wondering how many lbs I’d shed. As November 1st loomed large, my wondering anticipation changed to dread. “Please don’t let me have gained weight!”

Admittedly, my eating habits did not conform completely to the bright lines of no flour, no sugar, 3 meals a day, and weigh everything you eat. Right away, after trying to enjoy my coffee with no creamer, I knew I’d need to make allowances. For the most part, I did exclude flour and sugar as well as sticking to three meals a day with no snacks. Fortunately I purchased the least expensive food scale available, because I haven’t used it once, yet. Another issue on which I’ve taken a pass is 22 ounces of veggies a day with much less fruit. I include both on my plate but I prefer berries, apples, and bananas, so I’m sure I exceed the recommended quantity of fruit and fall short of the vegetable goal.

All was well until this week. Halloween candy remained in an unopened package and I did not breach the seal early. Once opened on Halloween, however, I did help myself to chocolate candy for the first time in four months! Must say, it tastes much better when eaten rarely, as opposed to shoveling handfuls in one’s mouth daily. Celebration of my oldest son’s birthday, which is the 31st, included a diner breakfast. Mine, a Hot Mess (on the restaurant menu as such) was slathered with Hollandaise sauce, but this is a tradition. What’s one to do?

Scheduled weigh-in occurred this morning. Drum roll please………

I lost 1.2 pounds. 😆😆😆😆😆😆 Seems like molting a few feathers at a time!

Although I’m tempted to ditch efforts at weight loss, which have been sluggish at best, I wonder what the numbers would’ve been if I hadn’t made adjustments. I’m going to continue the efforts most effective for me: 3 meals, no snacks, serious boost in fruit and veggie intake, and avoiding most flour and sugar. The next weigh-in is going to occur on December 1st. If there’s more than a one-point change, I’ll let you know.

p.s. Re: the magic pill – I continue to take two daily. Increased energy has been experienced on a couple days but fibro and depression fatigue complicate this picture. The fat isn’t melting off yet. I’ll keep you posted if it seems to have a noticeable effect in the future. At this point, I’ve been taking Glucofort for just a little more than two weeks.

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