The Gift that Keeps on Giving

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About ten years ago, my uncle was trying to clear out the fruits of his late wife’s bargain hunting skills. She was like the Energizer bunny, always on the move and, as she buzzed around, she was asking questions and conversing all the while. I’m sure she saved a lot of money buying decor, small appliances, towels, etc. because they were all such a really good deal. 😄

Some time after my aunt passed from pancreatic cancer, my uncle invited me to come over and look through things that needed a home. When I arrived, we went downstairs and walked into a bedroom. He switched on the light and said, “Take whatever you want from this room.” There was an interesting mix of framed pictures, a 6-foot tall mirror with a dark wood frame, artificial flowers, and a treasure trove of all things involved in dressing up a gift – wrapping paper tubes, square packets of paper, and gift bags of all sizes and shapes, for whatever occasion you could possibly imagine, including oodles of Christmas miscellany. Tissue paper of all colors, ribbon and bows, all of the accessories were supplied in abundance.

in our office room, I stacked three shelves in the corner and very much enjoyed sorting and organizing funny, sweet, and beautiful bits and bobs my aunt had picked out herself. I was pretty proud of myself for putting together a little gift wrap station. More importantly, every time I chose the perfect outerwear for a present, I smiled, thinking of my aunt. I can still hear her talking. Ten years on, I’ve enjoyed making use of the majority of the bounty.

Preparing for my husband’s 50th birthday today, I was rummaging through a closet, searching for the “Over the Hill” decorations I thought I’d held onto from my 50th, five years ago. I couldn’t find any of that, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened one storage box and it was absolutely full of a whole new inventory of my aunt’s gift wrap bonanza!

Didn’t locate the “Haha, you’re old too now” party paraphernalia with which we’re all familiar, so I had to improvise.. Enlarged prom picture from 1986 on the garage door? Yes, please.

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