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in my early years, I eschewed anything domestic. I didn’t cook, sew, or garden. As far as any attempt to care for indoor plants, fugget about it. In ’95 or ’96, my parents relocated to Arizona for a few years, and my mom gave me all her houseplants. They were beautiful and fairly large. They were all in very bad shape six months out. I tried again recently because I’ve really gotten into outdoor gardening. I think it’s a commitment thing. I can have beautiful flowers on my deck and in my yard for a few months. About the time I get resentful of having to care for them, season over! Those indoor plants, they’re a long term involvement. I have decided to stick with bamboo and air plants in my living area. You can forget they’re there for quite a stretch, but they look none the worse for neglect!

Outdoor plants, now that’s a whole different ballgame. Love me some bright, beautiful, interesting flowers, vines, herbs, etc. My tip for beginners is to look at the spaces where you want to plant, and take note of the amount of sun exposure vs. shade in the morning, midday, and afternoon. Now go to a local nursery/garden center. Walk around and see what attracts your attention, makes you smile. Read the tiny instructions on the plastic tag in each plant, telling you how much sun or shade it wants, how big it’s going to get, and how much it needs to be watered. Talk to the folks who work there with plants all day long. Let them know what youre working with, flower pots or yard borders. Group plants together that like the same living conditions.

I don’t know what it is, but there is something about picking out plants you like, planting them in some good soil, and then watching them grow over the summer months under your care. It brings me peace. I’ve been off work for a bit over a month because in high risk for complications if I were to get COVID19. I am relieved to stay home and it feels safe; but it has been stressful and I’ve had a hard time unwinding and enjoying the blessings of being home. After my first day of planting, I feel more relaxed than I have since the virus arrived. Growing plants is helping me to grow and navigate these strange days.

One more tip for beginners – for planting pots, look for a thriller, a spiller, and a filler. Google “planting thriller, filler, spiller” and you’ll find plenty of information.

Happy planting!🌿

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