The Honeymooners

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(May want to read “Going to the Chapel” as well as “And We’re Going to Get Married”, the two previous posts, first but not necessary.)

We went to the chapel in Las Vegas we got married, and now it was time for a five-day stay in Mammoth, CA. We’d received cards full of cash at the wedding, so we were looking forward to spoiling ourselves a bit.

This was in ’92, before cell phones, GPS, or navigation systems. We had looked at a paper map while planning and were pleased to see there was a two-lane highway pretty much straight from Vegas to the mountains.

So, on March 2nd, we headed out northwest across the desert, listening to Meatloaf singing “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” which my new husband had never heard! It wasn’t very far up out of the valley floor before we encountered snow, much sooner than I expected. We didn’t see another soul the whole length of that winding mountain road. Thankfully, it hadn’t snowed much recently and the roads were passable, but I wouldn’t recommend that route.

We made it safely to the condo just before a storm moved in, and enjoyed the juxtaposition of the winter wonderland with the sandy lands where we spent most of our time. Skis and a snowboard were in the back of the Honda, but we didn’t end up using them. We walked around town, ate good food, and did what honeymooners do!

Fortunately, we weren’t extravagant with our spending, just had a really good time. The little, blue, hatchback Honda broke down soon after returning home, and we had just enough money left to pay for two CV joints and a rear axle following our 793-mile trek.

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