Not a Molehill

Eight days from injury to doctor Nine x-rays Two fractures, fibular & tibula, the former requiring surgical repair One boot Two crutches One knee scooter One wheelchair One surgery Ten screws One metal rod Seventeen staples Five weeks injury to completing surgical procedures Six more weeks with no weightbearing on healing leg Years ago, 18Continue reading “Not a Molehill”

No Words

When time came to confirm my counseling appointment, scheduled for yesterday, instead of choosing “confirm” or “cancel” I left a rambling message for my provider. One bit about having two sprained ankles, explaining I literally didn’t know what to do. You’re supposed to talk to your support when you’re down, yes? I waited a fewContinue reading “No Words”

Where It’s At

I got two sprained ankles and a microphone. Can’t get that Beck song out of my head. It pops up every time I think or talk about my situation. Relevant pictures will follow the text, but they’re pretty gross, so this is your warning. I have two sprained ankles and two injured knees. The painContinue reading “Where It’s At”