2022? Not Off to a Great Start

Remember when we thought 2020 was shit and 2021 would be better? I saw a video on YouTube where the guy says, “Now that we’re getting past COVID…” It was filmed in July 2021. I shook my head. Little did we know. I didn’t hear one person claiming 2022 would be the year we become free from Delta, Omicron, and other mutations. We’re more realistic now. Right? I was hopeful, though, that we’d get some relief.

The shortage of Campbell’s original chicken noodle soup was certainly a sign of things to come. By yesterday, the groeery shelves were emptied of cold/flu remedies, bottled water, more soup/noodles, etc..

Many people are isolating, including me, for years now. What will the effects be? On children raised in a COVID world as well teenagers and adults who’ve had to seriously alter most of the things they were used to doing routinely. My circumstances didn’t change a lot, because I’m debilitated by fibromyalgia and depression; when I do go out, I feel stiff and uncomfortable.

The biopsy of my right lower lung in 2009 left me with scar tissue and a diagnosis of COPD. I’m not on an inhaler or anything now. I have done everything I could – vaxxed and boosted, wearing masks, and social distancing.

Then, my husband brought it home. He works in an office and had been the only person to not have COVID out of his coworkers. He is vaxxed. When his illness began, I surrendered. Whatever. Fatigue, headache, and sore throat came first. I was thinking it’s no big deal, thanks to my vaccines. Now, though, it’s moved into my chest, and I am sick. Thrilled not to be in the hospital, evenmoreso not to be giving a ‘do not resuscitate’ order and declining a ventilator.

My husband is still symptomatic and feeling sick ten days along. I’m on day four or five of feeling it. It was very subtle at first. “What exactly is it?” you might ask. Well, if testing wasn’t such a pain in the ass, I could answer definitively. We had some rapid tests, but my mother-in-law needed them in California to see her husband, age 92, in hospital rehab. Following that, I ordered more tests for her online and one for home but they’re backed up. It should arrive in a bit more than a week.

On Friday, I have a lonstanding appointment with my doc to discuss unrelated issues. Called this morning and asked what I should do. Come in or cancel? She told me to go to Urgent Care in the same network for testing.

The young woman who answered the Urgent Care phone urged me to come right away to get a testing slot. First come, first served. When they reach capacity for the day, no more spots. I did go. Parking lot was over full with several cars idling, waiting for their swab I’m sure. I parked in a spot that wasn’t a spot and walked up to the door on which I saw the sign, “This office is at capacity.” I missed the schedule by two. When the last woman who’d won the golden ring suggested I could go to other Urgent Cares, I couldn’t even. I’m sick. I’m not driving all over town.

My husband signed up for testing at our local fairgrounds tomorrow afternoon. I am pondering whether or not I want to get up to the same clinic tomorrow morning to grab a test spot. What for? I cancelled my massage therapy appointment scheduled Friday and I’m going to see my doctor at the beginning of February, instead of this week. Do I need a test?

Fucking COVID.

Published by Sara Z

Writing is one of my passions. Most blog entries are relatively short articles regarding a wide variety of topics. I'm a middle-aged wife and mother of two adult sons. I've been a teacher, counselor, medical transcriptionist, student teacher supervisor, substitute teacher and retail clerk. Staying home now due to fibromyalgia. Seeking purpose.

2 thoughts on “2022? Not Off to a Great Start

  1. That really sucks. If knowing for sure it’s COVID isn’t going to change anything except giving you that knowledge, going through the big pain in the ass to get tested doesn’t sound like a particular useful way to expend energy.

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