Dear Mr. President

Can you imagine if, after World War II, the people living in Germany erected statues of Hitler, Himmler, Eichmann, Mengele, Hess, etc.? It would’ve continued to intimidate Jewish communities, gay people, Roma, and whoever else got in the way. It would have been a clear message to all that they may have surrendered in battle but weren’t changing their treatment of minorities. No one would have thought it appropriate or acceptable.

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Starting about 20 years after the United States defeated the Confederacy, white people started to erect statues and memorials in honor of the Confederate army. When threatened with integration, the rebel flag continued to symbolize racism, not history. This was done to remind Black people that, although thay may be “free,” things weren’t really going to change a whole lot.

The South did lose the Civil War, thank God, and the slaves were emancipated, but enough with white southerners romanticizing the system of free labor that allowed them to become wealthy at the cost of the dignity, humanity and lives of Black people. Do not celebrate slavery. Tear down the monuments celebrating (i.e. mourning) the complete defeat of the Confederacy.

Major kudos to our military branches and NASCAR for rising to the moment and disallowing displays of the Confederate flag.

Besides, Mr. President, we know you don’t like losers and the North were the winning, winning, winning side of the biggest, longest, most deadly war on American soil, the likes of which we’d never seen before and I hope we never will have to see again. So, they’re bigly winners! The only flag you, and all Americans, should be fighting for is the good ol’ stars and stripes, the one you embraced and kissed. Patriotic Americans who respect our flag do not have a competing allegiance to any other.

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