What’s Up, Doc?

All right, readers; I’m going to do my best to to write about anything except fibromyalgia, depression, or suicide in the coming weeks. Those that follow along will know I’ve been preoccupied with an unsuccessful medication switch and return to original. Back to where I was at the beginning of September, I’ll appreciate the painContinue reading “What’s Up, Doc?”

Georgia On My Mind

How naive I was to think all of the hullabaloo would end after November 3, 2020, election day. It was going to be over, one way or another. We weathered the SCOTUS election decision involving W. Bush and Gore. We thought that was extraordinary! The winner was clear. President-elect Biden won both the popular voteContinue reading “Georgia On My Mind”

A Stunning Dearth of Leadership

In World War I, a German officer gave the following pep talk to Turkish troops standing in a couple feet of snow, “I know you don’t have coats and you don’t have shoes, but our enemy, the Russians, are really scared of you.” In the midst of a devastating pandemic that is under much betterContinue reading “A Stunning Dearth of Leadership”