What’s Love Got to do with It?

Love Connection continued…. Not long after filming a short video for the Love Connection TV show, I received a call from them. They’d shown three clips to a guy and he’d chosen me for a date. He phoned me to set up our outing. I don’t remember his name, which tells you how this workedContinue reading “What’s Love Got to do with It?”

Looking for a Love Connection

Having both been single for the past year and having had a great time together, my friend and I agreed it was time to take steps toward meeting new men. I was 24, Pam was 44 or 45, and we were in Southern California. She was interested in joining a video dating agency called GreatContinue reading “Looking for a Love Connection”

Anxious, not so bad

😨 At the dentist office. I’ve been breaking molars for 30 years. Terrible enamel caused my front teeth to crumble. I have more crowns in my mouth than original teeth, but I still manage to get cavities, probably because I put off these appointments. Wish me luck An hour later: I made it! Two cavitiesContinue reading “Anxious, not so bad”