That’s What I Just Said!

If I speak, will you hear me? Will you listen? Are you able to consider what I say before you react or are you already forming your response before I finish sharing my opinion? Is this a conversation, going both ways, or are you just sharing your news and conclusions, glossing over what I mightContinue reading “That’s What I Just Said!”

Going to the Chapel

Yes, it was a Vegas wedding, but a carefully planned one. We had about 50 people coming from both Southern California and my hometown. Nine months before, we’d started at one end of the Strip and stopped at every wedding venue, and I mean every. Some were in hotels, but we found those stiff, overpricedContinue reading “Going to the Chapel”

The Heyday of Happy Hour

Back in the day, late 80’s and early 90’s, Happy Hour was quite an event in restaurant bars. In addition to drink specials, there would be food, a lot of food. A spread of appetizers would be displayed on one or two large tables. You could actually make a dinner of it. This was trueContinue reading “The Heyday of Happy Hour”